Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Design Engineer

Full Time

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Job Summary

The Photonic Integrated Circuit Design Engineer designs and optimizes photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and plays a key role in the development of our photonic quantum computer. You will design first-of-their-kind photonic integrated circuits for implementing truly scalable quantum technologies. The PIC Design Engineer is an expert in the design and simulation of active and passive silicon photonic integrated circuit components and systems. You will be comfortable working in a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists.

Please include a cover letter with your resume (in one file) describing how you would be a great fit at Photonic and what attributes you could bring to our growing team.

Working at

Photonic Coquitlam, British Columbia

  • Get in on the ground floor with a quantum startup company set to revolutionize computing
  • Work closely with some of the brightest innovators in quantum technologies
  • Enjoy a fast-paced and fun environment where you can take risks while tackling cutting-edge challenges every day
  • Inclusive and open company culture
  • Competitive salary, benefits (including life insurance, extended health, dental, long term disability, and a flexible spending account), and potential upside

What we need you to do

  • Design and optimize complex active and passive, large-scale silicon photonic integrated circuits (PICs) at both the system and device level
  • Design and optimize RF/Microwave circuits and systems
  • Propose and implement innovative design solutions
  • Design detailed layout of photonic devices and simulate the circuits with common computer-aided design (CAD) tools
  • Implement custom process design kits in common CAD tools
  • Generate new software and scripts as required to meet design and analysis goals
  • Work with foundries and manufacturers
  • Evaluate design solutions with simulations and compare with test data
  • Present verbal and written findings to cross-functional teams
  • Work on issues of integration with other chips and systems
  • Drive research and development in the silicon photonic space
  • Contribute to our IP portfolio
  • Collaborate with a team of photonic designers, nanofabrication engineers, test engineers, and physicists
  • Train, guide, and mentor team members on all frameworks and best practices

What you bring to our team

  • Master’s or PhD degree in electrical engineering, applied physics or other relevant discipline
  • 5+ years of experience with silicon photonics in an industrial setting
  • Deep expertise in designing photonic layouts with KLayout, Luceda, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, or equivalent
  • Deep expertise in designing and optimizing silicon photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
  • Experience in designing RF/Microwave circuits and systems
  • Experience in common programming languages like Python and MATLAB
  • Proficiency in electromagnetic simulation using common tools, like Lumerical and COMSOL
  • Excellent teamwork, interpersonal, and written communication skills
  • Strong understanding of photonics, electronics, and electromagnetic compatibility
  • Insights on the landscape of the silicon photonics industry
  • Familiarity in optical bench experiments with tools like parameter analyzers, optical spectrum analyzers, laser sources, etc.
  • Ability to work independently while also being a great team member
  • Knowledge of quantum optics is a plus
  • Knowledge of cryogenic PICs is a plus
  • Knowledge of PIC packaging is a plus