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Photonic is growing. Our team is bringing next-generation science and engineering technologies – those based on silicon spin-photon interfaces – to tackle the challenge of building scalable, fault-tolerant networked quantum computers. We’re looking for stellar people with a broad range of skillsets to join our team. If you’re a team player with a growth mindset, […]
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The Silicon Tipping Point.

When large-scale universal quantum computers become accessible, the world will suddenly find itself able to tackle a whole set of problems that are, right now, beyond our capabilities—currently constrained by the limits of classical computing. Just the fact that we will be able to model and simulate complex systems and processes means we’ll be able […]
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The Next Generation of Quantum Computing is Here

Quantum effects occur in materials naturally at the atomic and molecular level. Since the early 1980s, when Richard Feynman first proposed the concept of a “quantum computer,” a number of materials with quantum properties have been identified and applied to the challenge of quantum computing. Two of the early leading technologies – ion traps and […]
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