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31st International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors

The 31st International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors will be a hybrid event from July 26 to July 30, 2021, with both online participation and physical contributions in Oslo, Norway.

We’re pleased to share that Photonic Chief Quantum Officer – Stephanie Simmons – will be speaking at this event. Stephanie Simmons, Chief Quantum Officer

About the conference

The conference promotes a fundamental understanding of point and extended defects in semiconductors, including electrical, vibrational, optical, and magnetic phenomena. Unique among international conferences, ICDS covers a range of materials, with defects as the central organizing principle. This approach is extremely fruitful for advancing knowledge of emerging materials such as wide-band-gap semiconductors, doped nanoparticles, and 2D materials, as well as exciting developments in “old” materials such as silicon. With this we hope to continue the ICDS tradition and facilitate stimulating discussions on defects in materials for micro- and optoelectronics, quantum computing, photovoltaics, and other applications.

Corona virus (covid-19)

In 2021 ICDS will be hosted by the University of Oslo, Norway. However, in the current situation the conference is planned as a hybrid event, with both physical and online participation. The organizing committee will monitor the development of the pandemic closely, and the extent of the on-site contributions and events will depend on the situation during the spring/summer.

Program – July 26-30

The length of each session (talk+discussion in minutes) is as follows: Plenary 40+5, Invited 35+5, Contributed 15+5. There will be three Plenary sessions (two talks each) on Mon, Tue, and Thu mornings. 18 parallel oral sessions, that consist of one invited + three contributed talks in parallel sessions (1+3 and 3+1: no two invited talks should overlap), hence we expect a grand total of ~80 talks. The poster sessions are Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, each with a maximum of 100 posters (servings on the basis of sponsorship). The finer details of the programs and the final format will be decided after consultation with the Program Committee.



Event Details

31st International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors

July 26 - July 30

Ole Johan Dahls House at the University of Oslo
Kjemibygningen Sem Sælandsvei 26