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Secrets of Great (Science) Communicators Webinar

Soft skills are hard skills! One key soft skill, driving both workplace and personal success, is communication. Every day, we communicate verbally, visually, through writing, our body language, and through listening. The way we interact with the world around us has a profound impact on how we are perceived and the effectiveness of getting our message across, making ourselves heard.

On August 11th Quantum Women will be hosting a webinar with Photonic’s own Founder and Chief Quantum Officer Dr Stephanie Simmons, and Dr Olivia Lanes, North American Team Lead for Quantum Education and Qiskit Research at IBM Quantum.

This session is part of Quantum Women’s Elevate pillar, where they provide tools and opportunities for women to elevate their voice in both private and public settings. Stephanie and Olivia will share their journeys in how they became confident and impactful communicators, and how they developed and cultivated their communication skills. Along the way they will share examples of how being a good communicator has created professional opportunities, and give advice on how you can develop your own communications skills.

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Secrets of Great (Science) Communicators

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Secrets of Great (Science) Communicators Webinar

August 10 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm UTC-8

Virtual Webinar