Our Story

We're convinced that silicon – the very backbone of modern telecommunications and computation – is the missing component needed to finally realize the goal of a global quantum network.

With our origins out of the Silicon Quantum Technology Lab at Simon Fraser University, we specialize in next-generation quantum technologies: spin/photon interfaces in silicon, silicon integrated photonics, and quantum optics. We know that photonic links in silicon will deliver entanglement not only between spin qubits, but also entanglement between multiple quantum chips – a key driver towards quantum networks.


Physics Breakthrough of the Year

“Quantum states have been shown to endure in a room-temperature solid-state device for a whopping 39 minutes, shattering the previous record of 2 seconds”

“The feat – based on phosphorus atoms in silicon as their qubits – was achieved at Simon Fraser University by physicists from Canada, the UK, and Germany”

The team included Professor Emeritus Michael Thewalt – the world expert on the optical properties of isotopically-enriched silicon-28, and Dr. Stephanie Simmons – who both went on to found Photonic under Stephanie's leadership.


Physics Breakthrough of the Year

“For creating the first quantum-logic device made from silicon”

“Their controlled-not (CNOT) gate is a fundamental component of a quantum computer and was made using conventional semiconductor manufacturing processes”


First patent filed

Interactions with quantum information stored in spins


Photonic incorporates

as the path to commercialize the critical research coming out of the Simon Fraser University Silicon Quantum Technology (SQT) Lab


Canadian Foundation for Innovation grant for $20M

to the Simon Fraser University SQT Lab headed by Michael Thewalt and Stephanie Simmons 

This lab was formed to drive innovation and research into quantum technologies in silicon

2017 - 2020

Ongoing IP Innovation

Patent family development


First individually addressable silicon qubit produced

in British Columbia, Canada

Ongoing validation of silicon as the most sustainable technology to drive quantum forward


Executive team joins Photonic

CEO Paul Terry & CQO Stef Simmons combine forces to bring the vision of the first universal quantum chip to market, with Dr. Mike Thewalt serving as a strategic technical advisor to the company

2020 - 2022

Photonic team growing

We're expanding our world-class team in one of the world’s most livable cities, Vancouver, Canada. We have team members across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Meet our Team

Paul Terry CEO Photonic

Dr. Paul Terry

Stephanie Simmons Chief Quantum Officer Photonic

Dr. Stephanie Simmons


Sarah Boatman

Alison Berg

Alison Berg