Distributed quantum computing in Silicon.

Distributed quantum computing in Silicon.

We are leveraging the memory and computing capabilities of spins and the connectivity of photonics to build the world's first scalable, fault-tolerant networked quantum computer.
Our Approach to Quantum Computing
Our unique qubits

The compute power of spin qubits and the communication capabilities of photons, all in scalable silicon.

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Quantum silicon processors with patented T centres, enabling fabrication at scale and network expansion.

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Qubits capable of communicating via telecom-band fibre infrastructure to network modules into distributed quantum computing clusters.

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Proprietary high-connectivity switching architecture, enabling efficient, low overhead error correction codes for improved yield and scalability.

Networked quantum computing is the key to global scalability.

Views from industry experts
  • With Photonic's architecture you get a 90 percent-plus efficiency of transferring the quantum state from electron to photon. That’s why I think it will become the dominant quantum computing architecture.

    Dr. Hermann Hauser KBE

    Co-founder of Acorn Computers (original developers of ARM CPU), serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners

  • Photonic proposes an aggressive yet entirely possible roadmap to deliver FTQC well ahead of current market expectations.

    Photonic offers a unique quantum modality (spin-photon qubits) as the foundation for scalable, distributed, fault tolerant QC systems. Photonic’s core technology offers a plausible shortcut to large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computing.

    Bob Sorensen


  • Photonic has a highly disruptive technology approach. Photonic’s silicon spin qubits with optical photonic interconnects hold the enticing prospect of synergies in quantum communications and networking.

    These recent demonstrations are evidence on the way forward. The future path to 200kHz for distributed entanglement with 99.8% fidelity is very striking. This would enable a wide variety of applications. This sets a new bar for quantum roadmaps that others will be under pressure to follow. This stands to accelerate the industry.

    David Shaw

    Global Quantum Intelligence

  • The takeaway: With Microsoft's partnership, Photonic Inc. isn't just accelerating quantum computing—it's reshaping the future of technology.

    Quantum enthusiasts and investors alike should watch this space closely. The quantum race isn't just heating up; it's being redefined.

    Global Quantum Intelligence