A new approach  to <span>quantum.</span>

A new approach to quantum.

We are leveraging the memory and computing capabilities of spins and the connectivity of photonics to build the world's first scalable, fault-tolerant networked quantum computer.
About Us
Our unique qubits

The compute power of spin qubits and the communication capabilities of photons, all in scalable silicon.

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    Compute Platform

    Our unique technology will deliver a first scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computing platform sooner than expected. This distributed quantum computing platform will enable governments, academia, and corporations across all industries to access the power of quantum computing.

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    The Photonic architecture inherently supports quantum networking by using telecom photons. This will enable us to offer one of the first networks to support all of quantum key distribution (QKD), post-quantum cryptography (PQC), blind computing, and the repeaters necessary to scale quantum networks around the globe. This will provide unparalleled security to critical communications.

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    Quantum algorithms are key to solving computational challenges in many industries, such as security, sustainability, drug discovery, and finance. Our industry-specific algorithms will help you solve challenges in these sectors.

Networked quantum computing is the key to global scalability.

Views from industry experts
  • With Photonic's architecture you get a 90 percent-plus efficiency of transferring the quantum state from electron to photon. That’s why I think it will become the dominant quantum computing architecture.

    Dr. Hermann Hauser KBE

    Co-founder of Acorn Computers (original developers of ARM CPU), serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners

  • Photonic proposes an aggressive yet entirely possible roadmap to deliver FTQC well ahead of current market expectations.

    Photonic offers a unique quantum modality (spin-photon qubits) as the foundation for scalable, distributed, fault tolerant QC systems. Photonic’s core technology offers a plausible shortcut to large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computing.

    Bob Sorensen


  • Photonic's roadmap targets the delivery of their scalable, distributed, and fault tolerant quantum computing platform at a development cost and on a timeline not matched by any of its competitors.

    Their highly disruptive technology promises natural support for high inter-qubit connectivity and easy modular scaling.

    David Shaw

    Global Quantum Intelligence