Based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada,

Photonic is set to revolutionize the world of quantum computing.

Over the past 50 years, quantum behaviours have become better understood, and harnessing those quantum behaviours has moved from impossible to theoretical to inevitable.

Photonic is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing silicon-based, high-quality, quantum technologies. This translates to the ability to solve previously intractable computational problems using classical computing.

We're Hiring


We are now building a world-class team of curious, confident, and committed professionals who are ready to defy the boundaries of classical computing and increase the world’s computing capabilities exponentially. We want explorers and team builders to join our growing company.

We are building talent in the following areas: quantum mechanics and quantum computing, physics, engineering, math, hardware design, software development, intellectual property, and commercialization.

We want to hear from amazing people, so drop us a line, even if our current openings aren't an immediate fit.