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What will it take to create the quantum internet?

This expert-led panel will discuss the key features of the so-called quantum internet, delve into the strategies required to realise these possibilities as well as the technical hurdles that must be overcome.

Discussion points include:

  • What are the breakthroughs and key stages on the path to the quantum internet at scale?
  • How to unlock the next stages in the quantum internet and empower its ecosystem with new capabilities?
  • How big is the quantum internet market?
  • What are some of the key drivers of the quantum internet and what sectors are likely to benefit from this technology?
  • How can the quantum internet be integrated with existing infrastructure?


  • Krysta Svore, Distinguished engineer and vice-president of quantum software, Microsoft
  • Stephanie Simmons, Chief quantum officer, Photonic Inc.
  • David Shaw, Chief analyst, Global Quantum Intelligence

Moderator: Jason Palmer, Host of “The Intelligence” podcast, The Economist 

Event is sponsored by Microsoft