Distributed Quantum Computing in Silicon

Entanglement Between Modules

Developing performant quantum systems of commercial utility will require hundreds to thousands of logical qubits. To achieve this capacity, quantum systems must be modular due to the upper limits of qubit capacity in any single monolithic machine. Photonic is focused on overcoming the challenge of entanglement distribution as the key to unlocking the potential of quantum computing at scale. A recent publication by Photonic Inc—Distributed Quantum Computing in Silicon (2024)—showcases Photonic’s ability to distribute and consume entanglement between remote spins using telecom photons.

The following white paper opens with the discussion of the three distinct phases of quantum technology development towards commercially-relevant use cases. Then it introduces distributed quantum entanglement and the role it plays in enabling large scale fault-tolerant quantum computing and networking. Finally, the white paper provides an easy to follow description of Photonic’s recent demonstration of distributed entanglement generation and consumption for executing distributed quantum computing gates—the foundation of distributed quantum computing.

The white paper PDF is accessible using the following link: Photonic Distributed Entanglement Whitepaper

For an in-depth look at how Photonic is building its scalable fault-tolerant quantum computing and networking technology, please refer to the scientific paper describing the same demonstration.

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