Event Details

Team Photonic is inviting you to join us at the Photonics North’24 conference in Vancouver, BC. This prestigious event brings together experts and professionals from the field of photonics to share knowledge, innovative ideas, and advancements in the industry. The conference will be a valuable opportunity to network, learn from leading experts, and explore the latest trends in photonics technology.

Several members of our team will be speaking at the event. Our Chief Quantum Officer, Stephanie Simmons has been honoured as a plenary speaker, sharing her insights about distributed quantum computing. Additionally, Youn Seok Lee, will be presenting technical milestones that the team has achieved recently. We are excited to showcase our team’s contributions and collaborate with fellow attendees at this exceptional event. Finally, we also have team members participating in a career workshop about the different paths that brought them to quantum.

We look forward to seeing you at Photonics North 2024!